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 About Dr. Benitez

  Dr. Benitez has been practicing dentistry for 9 years in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico. He received his DDS from College of Dental Surgeons, Tepic. Nayarit.

 Phone: 011 52 (899) 937-0211

            USA  956-377-1171 

Dr. Benitez provides excellent dental care with strict hygiene conditions.  He is comfortable performing restorative, prosthetic, routine endodontic therapy (root canal), crowns,  routine periodontal therapy, and simple exodontia (Tooth extraction),  performing examinations as well as  treating more complex cases.

Benefits of Mexico Dental Work

  • General dentistry - cleanings, fillings,  & maintenance.

  •  Root canals (endodontics)

  • Porcelain Crowns, fixed bridges, veneers.

  • Dentures and partials

  • Extractions

  • Cosmetic Dentistry - Veneers, white fillings and tooth whitening, bondings 

  • Peridontics - treatment of gum disease

  • Orthodontics - braces and teeth straightening

  • Implants of all types.

  • We accept U.S. Dental Insurance.

  • We accept Credit Cards

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                    Dr. Alejandro Benitez showing his advanced diploma              



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